To be human is to be able to symbolize. This is simultaneous a capacity and a condition.
The mind sows because seeds are signs (sign or semeion, as the Greeks dictated us). We may then state that this sowing of the mind has a particularity, that of being sown and reaped at the same time: sowing and reaping are thus the same thing.
A seed can ride on the wind until it becomes settled (to be seen, touched, heard... sown) and when this is the case, the harvest is referred back to the autobiographical seed-bank, the map and coordinates of which are intimate. But we can, at least, attempt a direction. The compass is always a good help, and childhood seems to clearly point to north, where the magnetism of fear seems (among other things) to occupy a relevant role: fear of the dark, of fire, of movement, of wind in the leaves, of moon shadows, of the noise under one´s feet... fear as the cause and effect of a thick layer of sleight of hand that is around us.

A coragem é um escudo da mente: por isso o corpo se atira de cabeça.
Courage is a shield of the mind: so the body goes in head first.

A mente semeia na meia distância entre si e o mundo.
The mind sows in the half distance between it and the world.

As fronteiras do corpo redesenham-se com os limites da mente.
The frontiers of the body are redrawn with the limits of the mind.

O silvo é o primeiro violino da orquestra nocturna.
The whistle is the first violin of the nocturnal orchestra.

Caminhar é viajar na mente sem lugar sentado para o corpo.
Walking is travelling in the mind without a seat for the body.

O sonho protege-nos daquilo com que nos ataca.
The dream protects us from that with wich it attacks us.

O desejo é um transporte sem rasto, só com trilhos.
Desire is transportation without a trace, only tracks.

O dia pinta-se, a noite recorta-se.
The day is painted, night is cut out.

O corpo encolhe-se, a mente recolhe-se.
The body shrugs, the mind shrinks.

E.R. Mente Semente Mind Seed, texts for Cristina Valadas Edições Gémeo 2008 (english version: David Prescott)